Create Marketable Products from Biosolids and Eliminate Disposal Costs

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Create Marketable Products from Biosolids and Eliminate Disposal Costs

Biosolids leftover after anaerobic digestion have historically been considered a waste stream to be discarded, which equates to significant cost and liability. Maximizing nutrient recovery from biosolids means extracting as much value as possible at every single stage. To Anaergia, biosolids wastewater treatment creates a significant opportunity for value creation.

Our integrated nutrient recovery from wastewater and biosolids management solutions recover up to 20% more renewable energy; extract nutrients as valuable fertilizer products using our proprietary ammonia removal technology; and achieve Class A biosolids all while reducing biosolids volumes by up to 80%, minimizing disposal costs, and cleaning liquid effluent streams.

Our Value Addition

  • Increase renewable energy production by up to 20%.
  • Produce valuable liquid fertilizer.
  • Improved biosolids management produces Class A biosolids for disposal.
  • Reduce ammonia concentrations in liquid effluent streams by 90%.
  • Reduce biosolids disposal volumes up to 80%.
  • Kill potential pathogens and produce a Class A biosolids product.

Our Offerings

  • Dewatering: Our proprietary dewatering equipment is the ideal solution for digestate dewatering in preparation for downstream beneficial value extraction or use. The slow speed and low energy-load equipment is associated with long duty cycles and is virtually maintenance-free
  • Nutrient Recovery: Anaergia’s nutrient recovery and digestate solutions, including its proprietary ammonia removal technology, extract over 90% of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus from high strength waste streams (such as filtrate from dewatering). Removing these constituents from effluent streams helps facilities meet effluent quality requirements and produces valuable fertilizer for sale.
  • Drying: Our advanced digestate drying systems further reduce moisture content from dewatered biosolids without producing dust and can do so using available on-site low-grade waste heat.
  • Pyrolysis: Dried biosolids contain significant energy and some moisture content which can be further extracted by applying heat in an oxygen-starved environment. This process not only further reduces mass, but it also creates bio-oil which can be used to increase green energy production.
  • Fibreplate Hybrid MBR for filtrate/wastewater recycling

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