Intelligent and Proven Solutions for Agri-food

Anaergia’s Agriculture to Energy Project | Dessau, Germany
Intelligent and Proven Solutions for Agri-food

Anaergia has built over 1,600 anaerobic digestion facilities treating different and varied agricultural, animal, and high strength wastewater/feedstocks. Agri-food feedstocks have high dry-matter contents. An efficient use of the mixing energy is especially important with high dry-matter contents. This efficient energy use is guaranteed by our AD technologies. The quick mixing of all substrates allows a higher volumetric loading going hand-in-hand with increased gas yields.

Anaergia offers innovative solutions under one roof including effective solids feeding, efficient pre-treatment, High Solids Triton™ and Helios™ Digestion, High Solids PSM SMART Mixing, digestate and nutrient management including dewatering, biogas cleaning, CHP, biogas upgrading, wastewater treatment, and production of liquid and solid fertilizer/compost.

The Helios™ digester is a proven and robust digestion technology, versatile to match site requirements and having sufficient retention time to ensure maximal biogas yields. Ideal for easily biodegradable organic waste streams.

The Triton™ digester is ideal for materials needing both primary and secondary fermentation such as energy crops. This double ring tank provides two stage digestion with compact footprint and reduced heat requirements.

Agriculture Waste to Energy Facility | Enerbio, Italy

Benefits of Anaergia AD technologies for Agri waste:

  • Reduced Footprint
  • Minimize operation costs and at the same time increase gas yields
  • Better mixing of substrate by using PSM mixing technology – High solids mixing made easy
  • Robust Operations and High Plant availability.
  • Excellent accessibility for maintenance works by using the patented Service-Box
  • Minimal heat losses
  • Very low parasitic heat consumption


  • Anaerobic digestion with reduced footprint for new plants.
  • Retrofit compatibility with different AD tank and roof configurations.

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