Agricultural Residues Transformed into Renewable Energy and Fertilizer

Bioenergy Facility | Mixed Agriculture Waste | Germany
Anaergia provides long-term, leading-edge solutions for organic waste management and regulatory compliance to large agriculture operations and commercial food producers. Unlike traditional approaches, Anaergia’s solutions produce heat, fuel, fertilizer, and clean water; all of which are forms of bioenergy which can be supplied back to clients or markets with predictable, long-term purchase agreements. The Anaergia group of companies has a long history in the agriculture and food production sectors with hundreds of turn-key anaerobic digestion projects delivered. Industry leaders trust Anaergia’s solutions because of their dependability, quality engineered parts, and service support to ensure optimized performance.


  • Reduce odors and runoff from agricultural residuals.
  • Convert agricultural residues into renewable energy, heat, and fertilizer products.
  • Reduce mass of crop solids via crop residue reuse.
  • Separate solids from liquids and maximize value creation from each stream.
  • Recover water for reuse.
  • Recover nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.


  • New energy crop farming operations.
  • Existing agricultural operations (rendering facilities, crops, etc).
  • New food processing facilities.
  • Retrofit existing food processing facilities for crop residue recycling.
  • Integrated solutions recover nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium from waste streams.
  • Treat the water recovered from waste streams for farm irrigation or industrial process water.

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