Waste to value – Pretreatment

Anaergia offers an affordable solution that optimizes energy recovery from both wastewater and food waste solids. We call it Omnivore and it co-digests wastewater solids and food waste to create renewable fuel as well as organic fertilizer.

The first step in the waste-to-value pathway involves pretreatment of food waste solids to provide adequate size reduction.

Waste to value – Omnivore

The combined feedstock is pumped into Omnivore, Anaergia’s advanced high-solids approach to anaerobic digestion. Omnivore uses Anaergia’s proprietary technologies including mixing system together with robust thickener to increase the solids ratio in digesters so that far more material can be digested in the same volume of space. In addition, the system reduces both long-term and day-to-day expenses. Omnivore system is easy to maintain and includes the ability to adjust the mixer position and access the mixer without taking the anaerobic digester out of service. The result is consistent and plentiful biogas production.

Waste to value – Solutions for reducing emissions

Our systems are able to create clean, renewable energy from biogas. Our biogas systems remove biogenic CO2 so it can be used for other purposes. What’s left is clean renewable biomethane, a valuable alternative to fossil fuels. Moreover, digestate, the process output, is divided into a solid and liquid part. The liquid part is continuously removed from the digester through the thickener and converted into clean water. The solid part is returned and retained to become an organic fertilizer.

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