FibrePlate™ Hybrid Membrane Technology  – The Smaller and Smarter MBR System.

FibrePlate™ Hybrid Membrane Technology - The Smaller and Smarter MBR Solution.

Fibracast, an associated Anaergia company, developed a breakthrough in ultrafiltration membrane technology for water reuse systems. FibrePlate™ hybrid membrane technology is a next generation membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment that combines the strengths of hollow fibre and flat plate membranes and eliminates the weaknesses of each.

Fibreplateᵀᴹ MBR Facility | USA


  • Lower life cycle cost.
  • 50% footprint savings.
  • 40% energy savings.
  • 30% peak filtration rates.
  • Exceptional durability and life expectancy.
  • High sustainable fluxes.
  • Minimized potential for sludging.
  • In-situ desludging after any plant upset.


  • Irrigation Water: Anaergia’s proven water reuse technology recovers and treats effluent wastewater to surface discharge standards, providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution to increase crop yields.
  • Process Water: Tailored solutions recover water from a variety of waste streams. Product water can meet specifications for any facility process from fire suppression to cooling towers to boilers to upstream dilution.
  • Wastewater Reuse Water for Sale: Facilities can purify wastewater into a renewable resource, to meet specifications required by neighboring industrial users, providing reuse benefits and an additional revenue stream for the host facility.

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