Technologies Combining Synergies Between Liquid and Solid Waste

Anaergia Anaerobic Digestion Facility
Technologies Combining Synergies Between Liquid and Solid Industrial Waste

Anaergia provides solutions to transform industrial liquid waste treatment facilities into net producers of renewable energy and clean water for plant reuse. Anaergia offers efficient, cost effective, and robust anaerobic and aerobic treatment technologies.

Anaergia’s anaerobic treatment solutions are unique in their ability to handle industrial wastewater with high suspended solids, fats, oil, and greases where conventional high rate anaerobic technologies face difficulties. Anaergia can also handle single anaerobic reactors, a combination of solid and liquid streams.

Another distinguishing feature of Anaergia’s resource recovery technologies are their unique ability to handle and treat both liquid and solid industrial organic waste streams, reducing pre-treatment requirements, producing more green energy, and reducing disposal cost.

Anaergia’s anaerobic treatment technology eliminates the disadvantages of conventional granular sludge industrial anaerobic digestion solutions by enhancing operational and feedstock flexibility and uptime of the digesters.

Anaerobic Solution Benefits: enhanced operational reliability and flexibility, lower life cycle cost, higher uptime, and ability to handle variable loads and various types of industrial organic waste streams.

Fibreplate™, from Anaergia’s associated company Fibracast, offers effective aerobic treatment to polish effluents from the anaerobic step. FibrePlate™ is a next generation hybrid membrane that integrates the strengths of both hollow fibre and flat plate membrane technologies while eliminating the weaknesses of each.

Benefits: Fibreplate™ provides lower life cycle cost, reduced facility footprint, exceptional membrane durability and life expectancy. This makes industrial wastewater resource recovery efficient and affordable.

Anaergia Anaerobic Digestion Facility


  • Turnkey integrated offering of anaerobic and aerobic solutions to meet discharge standards and wastewater reuse.
  • Treatment of industrial wastewater in streams with high suspended solids and fats, oils and grease.
  • Ability to combine and treat liquid and solid waste streams generating more renewable power and savings on disposal costs.
  • Lower life cycle cost thanks to low power and chemical consumption.
  • An industrial wastewater treatment system with higher uptime, operational reliability and flexibility.
  • Compact footprint saving expensive industrial land.


  • Food & beverage industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Distilleries
  • Animal processing and rendering industries
  • Biofuels
  • Industrial wastewater treatment and reuse.
  • Refurbishment/upgrade of existing anaerobic digesters

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