Recover >90% Putrescible Organics from Mixed Municipal Solid Waste

Recover >90% putrescible organics from mixed municipal solid waste

Anaergia’s Organics Extrusion Press (OREX™) leads the way in solid waste solutions, reliably and efficiently separates solid waste streams into wet organic and dry fractions, driving significant value through both resource recovery and diversion. The OREX™ recovers over 90% of putrescible organics from mixed waste streams and diverts material away from landfills, converting organics such as food waste into energy.

Organics Extraction & Recovery: OREX™ produces a clean and highly digestible wet fraction ideal for conversion to clean energy such as renewable natural gas, biogas solid waste energy, and fertilizer.

Residuals Diversion: Anaergia organics extraction facilities maximize recovery of plastics, paper, and metal while transforming the non-degradable and non-recyclable rejects coming out of OREX™ into dense refuse-derived fuel with increased calorific value and lower moisture content.


  • Maximizes recovery of wet organics from municipal solid waste.
  • Lowest cost organics diversion from landfill: no source separation required.
  • Feedstock versatility: Organics extraction handles a variety of waste streams.
  • Generates a high-value clean wet fraction suitable for anaerobic digestion.
  • Increases calorific value of reject fraction.
  • Effective extraction leads to smooth operation and low maintenance costs for the digesters.
  • Easy integration into existing facilities.


  • Mechanical biological treatment for mixed municipal solid waste – extract organics and recover recyclables while converting the organic waste to energy, fertilizers, and Refuse Derived Fuel.
  • Pretreatment (removal of contamination) from different organic feedstocks in preparation for anaerobic digestion.
  • Flexible to effectively process a large variety of waste streams like highly contaminated municipal solid waste; food waste; kitchen and catering waste; Source Separated Organics; food, oils, grease and garden waste; wet commercial waste, etc.
  • Modular and compact design enables integration into existing or new waste management facilities or transfer stations.

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