Anaergia’s Waste Revalorization Strategy

Anaergia Turnkey Solid Waste Management Facility, Limassol, Cyprus
Anaergia’s Waste Revalorization Strategy

As a leading renewable energy company, Anaergia delivers innovative, proprietary, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and proven solutions that are setting new global benchmarks. The Anaergia approach maximizes the recovery and recycling of plastics, papers, and metals, before recovering biodegradable organic material for conversion to energy and fertilizer. A small portion of the reject material is transformed into sustainable refuse-derived fuel such as renewable natural gas.

Anaergia provides robust, cutting-edge, and economically viable solutions for organics recovery of solid waste from nearly any waste stream. Unlike traditional approaches, our solutions recover 90% of organics without limitations on in-feed contamination levels. The recovered organic material is a nutrient-rich feed for anaerobic digestion and can be used in co-digestion plants to increase biogas and renewable natural gas production.

Landfill Diversion | Organic Recovery | Recyclables Recovery | Renewable Energy

Anaergia Turnkey Solid Waste Management Facility, Limassol, Cyprus


  • Ability to handle varying quality of mixed contaminated solid waste
  • Minimize collection costs by avoiding separate SSO collection
  • Anaergia’s Mechanical Biological Treatment system assures maximum recovery of recyclables, production of clean & green energy, nutrient recovery in form of fertilizer, and ensures a maximum turnkey landfill diversion rate.
  • Unique technology to handle high amounts of organics in incoming waste as found in developing economies
  • Solution can be easily integrated into existing transfer stations
  • Organics are converted efficiently with continuous high solids anaerobic digestion to green energy in the form of renewable natural gas and other biogases, and high quality digestate.
  • Recyclables are recovered and refuse derived fuel with high calorific value is produced.

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