Achieve Maximum Landfill Diversion, Organics Recovery

Anaergia Resource Recovery Facility | Dagenham, UK
Achieve Maximum Landfill Diversion, Organics Recovery

Anaergia’s advanced digestion systems create bioenergy from feedstocks such as food processing waste, source separated organics (SSO), and the organic fraction of MSW which was prepared and treated by Anaergia’s Organic Extrusion Press (OREX™).

Unlike other digestion technologies, our continuous process reliably accepts high solids organic feedstock which has been pre-processed to remove physical contaminants. Our systems, which maximize production of biogas and residuals from the process, are clean and appropriate for many uses. Our digestion systems are up to three times as efficient as conventional digesters, reducing construction costs, operating costs, and land requirements.

Anaergia Resource Recovery Facility | Cardiff, UK


  • Ability to handle high solids organics recovered from MSW
  • Technology maximizes production of biogas and clean power
  • Digestate is clean and can be used as high-quality fertilizer
  • Anaergia’s high solids digestion offers operational control and flexibility
  • Easy maintenance includes the ability to adjust mixer position to break up floating layers and re-suspend grit, and access without taking the digesters out of service
  • Compact footprint
  • Reduced CAPEX and lifecycle costs

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