Long-term Service to Keep Plants Running at Their Best

Bioenergy Facility Operations | Food Waste Facility | Cardiff UK
Long-term Service to Keep Plants Running at Their Best

Anaergia offers a host of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services in municipal and industrial organic waste sectors ranging from day to day operations, maintenance, plant optimization, plant upgrades, the support of operational management, de-commissioning, consulting, systems design, safety review, performance assessment, and compliance management. Along with our strategic regional partners, Anaergia’s operational group provides local qualified and certified operators, dedicated management teams, and experienced staffs who professionally maintain facilities, optimize operations, and maximize efficiencies. The operational group is composed of professionals with deep domain expertise in wastewater, biosolids management, organic waste processing, high solids anaerobic digestion, and waste to energy.

“With presence in four continents, Anaergia offers complete lifecycle solutions for existing and new facilities.”

O&M of Toronto Dufferin SSO Facility


  • Expert services from our experienced engineers with deep domain knowledge
  • Technical guidance is based on experience gained building and operating plants all over the world
  • Quick troubleshooting due to in-house manufacturing, laboratory, and process engineering support
  • Local 24/7 support based on a network of 13 offices globally


  • Full long-term facility operations, maintenance, and service
  • Plant optimization, refurbishment, and upgrades
  • In-house biological support includes biological health monitoring, laboratory analysis of feedstock, and process optimization
  • Call-out services
  • Equipment service plans

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