Continuous R&D

Continuous R&D

Anaergia is one of few global renewable energy solutions providers that manufactures proprietary mechanical equipment in-house. This ensures the technology implemented into projects is robust, reliable, and specifically designed for the intended application. It also helps us to continuously improve and develop new technologies. In-house manufacturing also minimizes third party integration concerns and helps ensure successful overall system integration and warranty. The equipment is manufactured by facilities in Europe or North America; however, certain pieces of equipment can be fabricated within the region or country of utilization if economics are favorable.





  • 25 years of manufacturing history.
  • Proprietary equipment that maximizes resource recovery.
  • In-house mechanical design.
  • Continuous improvement through integrated research and development.


  • Wet digestion equipment – mixers, service boxes, solids separators.
  • Solid waste organics recovery and cleaning equipment.
  • Solid waste “dry line” recyclable recovery equipment.
  • Fibracast membranes.

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