Recovering Energy: Converting Biogas to Electricity or Renewable Natural Gas

Bioenergy Facility | Leeming, UK
Recovering Energy: Converting Biogas to Electricity or Renewable Natural Gas

Anaergia’s solutions for gas revalorization utilize best-in-class electricity or renewable natural gas production technologies including biogas cleaning, biogas conditioning, heat recovery system, and combined heat and power As a leader among renewable natural gas companies, we offer our clients a unique host of services which include plant operation as well as financing to de-risk plant installation. We provide ongoing support to cope with complex and constantly evolving regulations and energy incentives. Cost savings are maximized by using standardized solutions and leveraging our broad network of operating installations and strategic partnerships with global and local industry leaders.

  • Baseload Energy: Unlike wind and solar which are intermittent, renewable energy from biogas is constant (baseload), so it is predictable, reliable, and available even when other renewable resources are not.
  • Flexible: Our Agri-Food facilities produce the type of energy that is required for the region and clients: electricity, heat, renewable natural gas for pipelines, or liquid fuel.
Combined Heat and Power (CHP) | Anaergia Bioenergy Facility, Germany


  • Biogas Production: Anaergia provides solutions that can triple biogas production using existing anaerobic digester facilities and convert flare gas into clean energy.
  • Renewable Power and Heat: Anaergia provides integrated solutions like biogas cleaning methods, conditioning, heat recovery systems, and combined heat and power systems utilizing biogas produced during digestion.
  • Biogas Upgrading to Biomethane: We offer state of the art biomethane upgrading solutions to create pipe-line quality biomethane, or liquefied natural gas uses such as for vehicle fueling.
  • Improve existing bioenergy production: Anaergia’s patented technologies help existing facilities triple their green energy production with minimal cost.

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