Landfill Diversion, Create Organic Fertilizer

Ammonia Management Recovery System | Singapore
Landfill Diversion, Create Organic Fertilizer

Biosolids left over after anaerobic digestion have historically been considered a waste stream to be discarded, which equates to significant cost and liability. Maximizing resource recovery means extracting as much value as possible at every single stage. To Anaergia, biosolids are a significant opportunity for value creation.

Our integrated nutrient recovery and biosolids management solutions recover up to 20% more renewable energy, extract nutrients as valuable fertilizer products, and achieve Class A biosolids all while reducing biosolids volumes by up to 80%, minimizing disposal costs, and cleaning liquid effluent streams.

Healthy soils – sustainable food production also consider: Anaergia’s integrated biosolids management solutions help reduce biosolids volumes by up to 80% (reduce disposal costs), increase renewable energy production, and achieve class A quality biosolids to meet specific disposal norms, if any.

Digestate Management | Malpaga, Italy


  • Increase renewable energy production by up to 20%.
  • Produce valuable liquid fertilizer.
  • Produce class A biosolids for disposal.
  • Reduce ammonia concentrations in liquid effluent streams by 90%.
  • Reduce biosolids disposal volumes up to 80%.
  • Kill potential pathogens and produce a Class A biosolids product.


  • Dewatering: Our proprietary dewatering equipment is ideal for dewatering digestate in preparation for downstream beneficial value extraction or use; the slow speed and low energy-load equipment is associated with long duty cycles and it is virtually maintenance free
  • Nutrient Recovery: Anaergia’s nutrient recovery solutions including its proprietary AMR technology extract over 90% of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus from high strength waste streams (such as filtrate from dewatering); removing these constituents from effluent streams helps facilities meet effluent quality requirements and produces valuable fertilizer for sale
  • Drying: Our advanced drying systems further reduce moisture content from dewatered biosolids without producing dust, and can do so using available on-site low-grade waste heat
  • Pyrolysis: Dried biosolids contain significant energy and some moisture content which can be further extracted by applying heat in an oxygen-starved environment; this process not only further reduces mass, it also creates bio-oil which can be used to increase renewable energy production
  • Fibreplate Hybrid MBR for recycle of filtrate/wastewater

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