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Anaergia maximizes resource recovery from virtually any waste stream, transforming waste into renewable energy, clean water, high-quality fertilizer, and recyclables. Anaergia provides complete, integrated solutions for municipal solid waste management, resource recovery in wastewater sector, and large‐scale farming & food production waste management. Our broad experience creates unique synergies which tie together resource recovery in the solid waste, municipal wastewater, and agri-food sectors. Anaergia has the internal expertise in equipment design, process engineering, equipment, manufacturing, project integration, project financing, and project execution to efficiently deliver projects globally.

Anaergia sees waste not as a problem but as an opportunity to recover value — in the forms of renewable energy, water, high quality fertilizer, and recyclables. Using an innovative portfolio of proven technologies and project delivery methods, Anaergia provides integrated solutions for municipal solid waste management, resource recovery from wastewater operations and large‐scale farming, and food waste management. The Anaergia team is comprised of some of the world’s most accomplished engineers and scientists both from the world of water and solid waste who together are able to provide cost effective and reliable solutions for the extraction of value from waste.

Anaergia's expertise and breakthrough technologies create unique synergies between the solid waste, municipal wastewater, and agri-food/industrial sectors.

With a history of delivering innovative projects, Anaergia provides unmatched solutions to the most pressing resource recovery challenges using an innovative portfolio of proven technologies and project delivery methods. Our broad experience creates unique synergies which tie together resource recovery in the solid waste, municipal wastewater recovery, and agri-food sectors.



Anaergia provides solutions to increase the efficiency of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities, transforming them into assets that are net producers of clean electricity, clean water, and fertilizer.

Anaergia’s Omnivore™ high solids Anaerobic Digestion technology triples digestion capacity of conventional digesters in the same footprint and thereby reduces CAPEX as well as OPEX. Furthermore, Omnivore digesters are well suited to co-digest external organic waste streams to generate additional energy and thus revenue. The Fibreplate™ Hybrid MBR technology, manufactured by our subsidiary Fibracast, makes reuse of wastewater efficient and affordable.

Anaergia’s integrated solutions use proprietary technologies to dewater, dry, and pelletize sludge, reducing biosolids volumes and increasing diversion from landfills. The end product is a high quality, marketable fertilizer product that is not only sustainable, but can generate revenue.



Anaergia delivers innovative solutions that are setting new benchmarks for waste diversion and generation of renewable energy from waste. Our approach maximizes the recycling of plastics, paper and metals, and continues the process by converting biodegradable material into energy and fertilizer. The remaining non-degradable and non-recyclable waste can be transformed into a sustainable fuel for coal-fired power plants or cement kilns.

Anaergia’s propriety Organics Extrusion Press (OREX) offers a highly efficient approach to extract organics from a wide range of waste sources regardless of contamination levels, while the CleanREX removes the majority of physical contaminants from organic feedstock, resulting in improved digester performance and production of clean digestate. Once it is polished, the organic fraction can be fed directly to Anaergia’s industry leading anaerobic digesters to produce renewable gas, vehicle fuel or electricity.



Anaergia provides long-term, leading-edge solutions to large agriculture operations and commercial food producers for organic waste management and regulatory compliance. Anaergia’s portfolio of technologies, including Triton™, Helios™, AMR, and FibrePlate™ produce energy, heat, fuel, fertilizer, and clean water, all of which can be supplied back to clients or other markets under predictable, long-term purchase agreements.

The Anaergia group of companies has a long history in the agriculture and food production sectors with hundreds of turn-key anaerobic digestion projects delivered. Industry leaders trust Anaergia’s solutions because of their dependability, quality engineered parts, and service support to ensure optimized performance.

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