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With 13 successful biogas installations in the United Kingdom and a portfolio of more than 1,700 installations worldwide, Anaergia’s United Kingdom region is a team of builders, designers, consultants, engineers, and service technicians that provides industry expertise and support on a variety of waste streams including agri-food, co-mingled, and municipal solid waste.

Our experience exceeds the industry in building, refurbishing, operating, and maintaining anaerobic digestion plants and organic waste treatment facilities that convert waste into renewable energy sources such as renewable natural gas.

Anaergia’s United Kingdom region specializes in transforming underperforming anaerobic digestion systems and resource recovery plants while driving profitability and efficiency for clients.

Key Installations


The Kenninghall, Norfolk advanced anaerobic digestion facility is situated within extensive farmland and surrounded by various agricultural industries. Anaergia is the technology contractor that designed and built the plant. The facility processes around 32,000 tonnes per year of combined waste from local agricultural activities and energy crops grown on adjacent land, transforming it into a clean form of renewable energy.

Anergia’s Leeming, Yorkshire advanced anaerobic digestion plant efficiently processes food waste and supports landfill diversion. Anaergia designed and built the facility, and its anaerobic digestion technologies process over 80,000 tonnes of food waste, generating clean energy in the forms of biomethane, electricity, and fertilizer.


Built on the grounds of a wastewater treatment plant, the Cardiff, Wales anaerobic digestion facility supports the Welsh government’s Towards Zero Waste food waste initiative. Anaergia, the full process technology design and build contractor, developed this modern and robust anaerobic digestion facility which has the capacity to generate 2 MW of renewable energy. The plant is capable of powering 1,500 homes while reducing the community’s carbon footprint and producing a PAS 110 compliant digestate which serves as a nutrient-rich fertilizer for farmers.

The Dagenham, London advanced anaerobic digestion facility processes both municipal and commercial food waste and generates clean renewable energy which is distributed to the national energy grid. The facility, owned and operated by East London Biogas, processes 30,000 tonnes per year and was designed and built by Anaergia in 2013.


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