The Operations Manager (OM) is responsible for managing all aspects of the operations including – Financial, HR, Administration, Legal, Engineering, and Maintenance. The OM is to be the primary mover for the planning and execution of all activities that lead to the formation of a proper and complete managerial, operational and support team for the complete O&M of facilities located within the Western Region. The OM will provide proper and smooth liaison and coordination with the management of plant on the provision of manpower, services and shared facilities. The Operations Manager will review, develop and implement procedures that improve operational efficiencies and increase revenues by using “Best Practices” while maintaining a high safety standard and compliance with all regulatory requirements.

The Operations Manager will be responsible to develop and deploy lean, efficient production and executing strategy through Operational Excellence, Quality Improvement, External off-taker and supplier engagement, enhanced equipment reliability, repair and maintenance, Business Process Consulting, Supply Chain Development and alignment of the production line, to meet new product quality and developments.

The Operations Manager will start managing a growing portfolio of three operating plants with robust pipeline of additional plants in Southern California totaling 15 MW equivalent and a budget of ~$50M per year. All project related to food waste and/or sludge anaerobic digestion, biogas treatment and management, and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for power and biogas upgrading for pipeline injection operations.



Safety – Develop a culture of safety to be adhered to by all facilities within the region
Compliance – Maintain an immaculate compliance record with all regulatory and governmental agencies at each facility within the region.
Championing company’s policy frame work – Lead the development of the Company’s Vision Statement and the Company’s strategy defining the Standards and code to be practiced, providing resources and approving HR practices, site security and monitoring, Operating Procedures (SOP) and Work Instruction (WI) around maintenance, production, accounting, safety, environmental monitoring and reporting, documentation, and record keeping; Establish and implement departmental policies, goals, objectives and procedures that are in line with the Company’s Vision Statement and Strategy conferring with other management team members as appropriate.
Budget and Revenue – Meet the Regional annual financial and commercial targets as set by the Managing Director. Meet the annual expected availability and profitability of the assets. Report on monthly P&L and optimize profitability through operational efficiencies and revenue enhancements that will result from market conditions.
Leadership – Abide by all internally established control systems and authorities; Lead by personal example and encourage all employees to conduct their activities in accordance with all applicable laws and the Company’s standards and policies, including its environmental, safety and health policies.
HR – Design performance incentive plan, keep high employee morale and minimize staff turnover; Increase accountability, develop leaders, effective recruiting and staffing, increased productivity.
Reporting – Effective reporting to help the Managing Director draw conclusions, make inferences, and elicit crucial decisions.
Business Development – Retain and expand the business opportunities at each facility.
Planning and Procedures – Develop sound planning, roles and responsibilities, sound procedures and transparency in operations throughout the organization.



Environmental – Coordination with Regulator and other government and non-government agencies and community stakeholders regarding environmental compliance.
Communication – Act as a liaison between operations team and the Managing Director; Communicate effectively with employees, Government authorities, other stakeholders and the public. This communication shall include to the development and modifications of SOPs and Best Practices and to coordinate the bulk or global purchasing of consumables. • Liaison with Owner’s Engineer and Lender’s Engineer where appropriate. Utilize interpersonal savvy to rally internal and external resources to help bring long-term goals; Encourage coordination and cooperation throughout the organization
HR – Full spectrum of HR duties including, recruiting and hiring of new staff, mitigation, and terminations; Evaluate employee performance and motivate to achieve peak productivity; Reduce absenteeism and overtime payments. Maintain and update the O&M organizational structure and identify key resources. Manage shared resources between facilities.
Report – Ensure that the ERP system is kept up-to-date to track budget variance, inventory, sales report, monthly budget and cash flow forecast, safety and environmental compliance, departmental and individual long term and short-term targets; Schedule coordination meetings to ensure progress, analysis and corrective actions are documented and tracked; Complete month end, quarterly and yearly reports and results to the board.
Administer contracts – Effectively mitigate company exposure to risks, within the terms of both Prime and Sub contracts by working with corporate legal and contracts team. Manage and/or liaise with plant staff for tenders, procurement, etc. if relevant.
Construction – Provide feedback for the Company’s Contractor’s activities for new facility construction. Identify the strategic spare parts required for new facilities and arrange for their procurement, review and approve the receipt of acceptable O&M manuals, provide input to add defects to the construction punch list, identification and rectification of defects during the guarantee period, issuance of final complete and performance certificate, provide operations staff during commissioning and takeover from EPC Contractor, etc.
Budget, Finance and Cash-management – Approve and control all operational expenditures and ensure maintenances of all assets; Control finances to ensure funds for long and short term commitments, take confident financial decisions to meet business objectives, ensure sufficient funds for future project, ensure all sales billing documentation is tracked and submitted accurately and on time; Ensure all invoices are collected on schedule, are accurate and are paid on schedule. Forecast long term and short-term revenue levels and establish appropriate targets to achieve committed goals; Responsible for P&L accountability, budget development, tracking and reporting for sales, production, inventory, cash budgets on a monthly basis. In charge of analyzing and taking corrective action for any budget variance.
Safety – Allocate and approve adequate budget and resources to ensure the safety and health of the workers and others who may be affected by activities on the project, ensure compliance to Company’s Health and Safety program and fulfilling all legal, safety and health requirements.
Other – Undertake work as assigned from time to time by the Regional Manager.



Education: Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in: Business, Engineering, Science or equivalent.
Advanced Management or Law Degree will be preferred. Lean & Six Sigma Certification or Implementation experience will be an asset.

Experience: Possesses a Minimum of 12 year of Operational Management (Administration, Operation and Engineering) experience of similar facilities including Anaerobic Digestion, Wastewater Treatment Solid waste and/or Power Production.



– Experience in deploying quick value generating business solutions via capacity improvements, diagnostics of productivity, materials waste, warehouse, power/energy & engineering diagnostics
– Proven ability to drive rapid business transformations through technical capability, business acumen, project management and change management skills
– Hands-on, “roll-up sleeves” management style
– Strong analytical, decision-making and initiative capabilities
– Customer-focus and cost management mindsets
– Excellent interpersonal, communication and cross-functional team management skills
– Well-developed computer skills, using Microsoft Office Suite of software applications
– Comfortable working with ERP Systems and other web-based applications
– Experience in managing relationship with the Customers
– Ability to lead and coordinate the assigned resources
– Ability to provide strategic direction and enforce personal accountability
– In-depth knowledge of quality management systems and risk (safety, health, environment and security) management and proven track record of implementation
– Fluent in English.
– Fluent in Spanish is preferred
– Effective advocacy skills to advance the Company’s position or interests.
– Genuine communicator and advocate, credible, and relationship motivated.
– Develops effective working relationships in a collegial environment. Ability to be a team player and work collaboratively to obtain results.
– Demonstrates high integrity in all interactions and decisions.
– Models and executes a safety focused culture
– Ability to deal effectively in adversarial situations to achieve desired company outcomes.
– Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite


To apply for this position, indicate: ‘Regional Operations Manager’ in the subject line. Submit your resume by e-mail in electronic format (.pdf or .doc) to careers-carlsbad@anaergia.com

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