Acting as a key member of the Project Engineering Team, part of the Execution, the I&C Engineer (Instrumentation and Control Engineer) will be responsible for function specific engineering deliverables, in coordination with the other functions of the project team. The successful candidate will participate in active project design, focused on the I&C design, construction, commissioning, test and start-up of Waste mechanical sorting, anaerobic digestion and renewable energy projects. Functionally reporting to the Project Engineering Leader and reports operationally to the Project Engineer, according to the project’s organization chart.



Consistently coordinate the assigned engineering activities to complete the control and automation project’s design in compliance with the project schedule and within the budget; observing the correctness and the completeness of the provided information.



The I&CE’s goals can be summarized as follow:

  • Guarantee the functionality and the safety of the designed plants for its area of competence;
  • Meet / improve the project schedule;
  • Meet / improve the quality standards;

Identify and submit possibly “cost-effective” improvements in the design.


Tasks, Authority and Liability

The I&CE`s tasks include:

  • Collect from the Process Engineer all the information needed to guarantee that the control strategies are transferred to the control system;
  • Review the P&ID filling the control section and selecting the typology and the positioning of the instruments suitable for the functionality and the safety of the plant;
  • Actively join the risk assessment of the project;
  • Define the plant Architecture control, in order to ensure the proper communication between the PLC of the packages both from a hardware and a communication protocol point of view;
  • Review the packages proposals of the plant so to check that they are compliant with the required standards in the automation and control sections;
  • Arrange the project documents related to the control and automation system, I.e.:
    • Control Narrative
    • Cause & Effect Diagram
    • Logic List
    • Sequence Chart
    • Control Architecture
    • IO List
    • Instrument List
    • Instrument data sheets
  • Plan the engineering activities for all assigned projects and monitor the activities progress in compliance with the schedule defined on the general document list;
  • Coordinate the suppliers work and ensure the accuracy of the produced documentation and the implementation of the supplied indications;
  • Check the completeness and the accuracy of the SCADA graphic pages;
  • Select the field instruments;
  • Define the emergency system;
  • Join the FAT and the SAT of the plant, sustaining the electrician and the software engineer in the IO check, in the calibration of the instruments, configuration of VFDs and sequences tests;
  • Support in field or remotely the Process Engineer and the Commissioning Engineer coordinating the activities of the software engineer for any modifications and integrations;
  • Precisely record costs and hours spent in the engineering activities so to guarantee each project budget assigned;
  • Define and share with the rest of the team the automation standards, the control typical and the HMI graphic pages, and always improve through the acquired lesson learned;
  • Record the NC relieved during the realization of the projects.


The availability to travel for attending, assisting and/or leading FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), Commissioning and SAT (Site Acceptance Test) is of the essence.


Safety and Quality related responsibilities

Compliance to safety is priority one for ANAERGIA!


The I&CE is responsible for the rigorous application of the company rules and standards about the engineering activities, for the accuracy of the information provided and for the compliance with the contract requirements and specification for each project.

During the entire design activity, the Instrument and Control Engineer shall assess all aspects related to health risks and safety through all phases of the project (design, construction, operation, maintenance and dismantling) and take actions to eliminate, mitigate and advise all involved figures about the remaining risk.



He has matured experience for at least 5 years as Instrument & Control Engineer in the Industrial Plants business.


The I&CE has the following technical skillsets:

  • Deep knowledge of automation design;
  • Basic knowledge of motors and their starting devices;
  • Knowledge about national and international regulations for the design of waste treatment, renewable energies and biogas plants;
  • Capability in analyzing, understand and applying the terms of contract for the plants;
  • Mother language for specific country of employment;
  • Fluent in English.


To execute his job with the “right sense of priority” the Instrument and Control Engineer shall understand how his activity affects other functions as well as other functions can influence either positively or negatively, the achievement of his goals. His cross-functional competences have therefore to include at least:

  • Ability to quickly adapt to the context in which he is immersed, paying attention to the main aspects of the “company mechanism” and in particular understanding how the design solutions adopted can influence the management of orders both in economic terms and in the time frame;
  • Ability to relate with colleagues and understand the main aspects of their duties, acquiring useful information and advices to improve personal growth and consequently the quality of the work;
  • Good ability in organizing the work, taking into account the priorities of the orders and the deadlines dictated by the contractual obligations and the time schedule;
  • Ability to analyze and solve eventual problems in the field, even remotely, related to the control software.


They fall into cross-functional, welcome but not essential skills:

  • Anaerobic Digestion & Waste Treatment specific competences;
  • Experiences in the automation and commissioning of the plant
  • Ability to apply at least minor modification to the SW (PLC and/or SCADA)


Education (minimum required):

Holds a technical diploma or university degree in: IT / Electrical engineering/ Chemical Engineering / Electrotechnical or equivalent.

Anaergia offers a competitive compensation and benefits package in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment. We are looking for an innovative, forward-thinking, multi-tasking person who enjoys challenge and actively seeks to develop and improve work processes and the environment.



To apply for this position, indicate: ‘I&C Engineer’ in the subject line. Submit your resume by e-mail in electronic format (.pdf or .doc) to careers@anaergia.com.

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