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Resource Recovery Facility | Agri-Waste | Germany
Through its network of affiliates and associated companies, Anaergia tackles the world's pressing waste problems. Proprietary in-house manufacturing, a portfolio of breakthrough technologies, and flexible delivery models allow us to deliver solutions that convert waste into useful resources, protect the environment and sustain life for generations to come

Anaergia Technologies

Anaergia Technologies, a term for the group of companies in Europe engaged in the application of the technologies of Anaergia (UTS Products GmbH), offers a rich legacy of supplying customers and partners with reliable, long-lasting, and advanced bioenergy equipment, facilities, and service. For more than twenty years, farmers, industry, and communities have relied on Anaergia’s technology, facilities, and operational support.


Fibracast, an associated company, is a global leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of advanced membrane technologies for wastewater treatment. Founded in 2010 by an expert team of wastewater-technology veterans, Fibracast embarked on a clear mission to build on the strengths of previous technologies while eliminating their weaknesses to create the next generation of membrane filtration technology.

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