World Leading and Difficult to Replicate Platform for
Producing Carbon Negative Fuel from any Organic Waste Stream

  • Strong first mover advantage as Anaergia is the only global market participant with end-to-end solutions for organic waste problems, including processing of solid waste streams (municipal solid waste ‘MSW’, source-separated organics ‘SSO’ and commercial waste), wastewater sludge and agri-food waste (agriculture waste and food processing waste)

  • Offers an alternative and sustainable solution to the rising costs and environmental impact of traditional organic waste disposal methods, such as composting, landfilling, incineration and land application

Proven, Proprietary and Integrated Technology Offering
Creates Unique and Sustainable Competitive Advantages

  • Our integrated technology offering is commercially proven and scalable globally, with our technologies having been deployed at resource recovery facilities in over 17 countries worldwide, including at over 230 facilities since 2010

  • Compared to conventional digesters at waste water treatment plants, our OmnivoreR technology solution requires 60% less capex, handles organic streams with significantly higher solid content and can increase capacity of existing digestion systems by approximately 300%

  • We have 231 active and pending patent filings worldwide. Key patents for our OREXTM technology have recently been upheld in European court, supporting the strength of our competitive position

Significant Regulatory and Societal Tailwinds Driving a Large and Growing Global Opportunity
for Renewable Natural Gas and Waste Reduction

  • Global demand for renewable natural gas ‘RNG’ is expected to grow considerably over the next two decades, reaching over 8 billion mmbtu of total demand according to the IEA’s Sustainable Development Scenario, requiring over US$500 billion of cumulative capital investment in infrastructure and technology as outlined in the IEA’s Outlook for Biogas and Biomethane

  • Increased global awareness of landfill constraints and the environmental impact of waste are driving organics diversion regulations. These regulations are dictating minimum organics diversion targets in many jurisdictions, providing line of sight to a growing global need for our proprietary waste solutions

  • Ability to generate incremental greenhouse gas ‘GHG’ emission offset credits under the California and potential U.S. federal carbon tax frameworks, as well as under potential frameworks in other jurisdictions, provides future revenue upside for Anaergia that is not currently being captured

  • The RNG production process also produces biochar and fertilizers that lead to soil improvement and creates clean water. Fertilizer produced from organic waste replaces chemical fertilizers and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing it

Significant, Diverse “Build-Own-Operate” Project Portfolio with Global Development Opportunities

  • Anaergia believes we have one of the largest and most technologically diverse project portfolios in the organic waste-to-value industry, with approximately 91% of our $2.8 billion revenue backlog consisting of build-own-operate ‘BOO’ assets and over 50 potential BOO opportunities in our development pipeline

  • Existing long-term relationships throughout the industry supply chain from technology and equipment providers to feedstock owners and RNG off-takers

  • We leverage our relationships to identify and execute new project opportunities

Attractive, Diversified and Low-Risk Cash Flow Model Generated from Multiple Sources

  • Our high return BOO assets are underpinned by long-term feedstock and offtake agreements with high-quality counterparties

  • There are significant regulatory incentives across the markets we serve that provide price upside

  • After a project we build is complete, we may operate, maintain and repair the customer’s systems under a multi-year O&M contract, which provides recurring revenue

Large Global Project Backlog and Pipeline Underpinning Growth
and Providing Strong Revenue Visibility

  • Our business is characterized by significant revenue visibility through our healthy and actively managed backlog and pipeline of BOO, services and capital sales opportunities. As of December 31, 2020, we had a revenue backlog of approximately $2.8 billion and a development pipeline that included over 50 potential BOO opportunities

  • We have key references and experienced personnel in the world’s most favourable markets. For example, in California we currently have four BOO references and this market will require approximately 160 more to meet current regulatory requirements. In Italy, we have built many plants and we are currently building our first three BOO references. This market will require at least 53 additional plants during the next three years to meet regulatory requirements

  • Multiple delivery models, including Capital Sales, Services and BOO assets, support rapid adoption of our technology and broad recognition for our superior service offerings and results

Experienced Leadership with Proven Track Record Backed by High-Caliber Board of Director

  • Dr. Andrew Benedek is an iconic figure in the areas of circular economy, waste-to-value and water treatment solutions with a track record of commercializing new technology and executing on a long-term vision

  • Certain members of our executive team previously founded and grew ZENON Environmental Inc. (“ZENON”), a leader in water treatment solutions founded in 1980, until its ultimate sale to General Electric Company in 2006 for approximately $790 million

  • Our team includes the world’s leading experts in digestion, solid waste and wastewater treatment and is complemented by exceptional financial and legal expertise

  • Our Board consists of individuals with significant experience in finance, the environmental industry and government

Information sourced from IEA


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