Start of Operations at Innovative Municipal Solid Waste Facility in Limassol, Cyprus

Anaergia Inc., is pleased to note the start of operations at a new facility for the sorting and processing of municipal solid waste (MSW) for the Region of Limassol.

Anaergia, through its subsidiary, db technologies BV, together with its consortium partner Medcon Construction, signed a contract with the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Cyprus.  Under the terms of this contract, the consortium designed, built, and is now operating, this facility.

Using proprietary technologies from the Anaergia group of companies, this facility is taking-in and processing approximately 140,000 tons per year of unsorted MSW.  As a result of separation to be achieved within this facility, about half of the mixed waste is being segregated as materials suitable for recycling, and most of the remainder is being transformed into other useful materials. Even the wastewater produced by the plant is treated to reuse water quality, with membranes from Fibracast, an Anaergia associated company.  Equipment used in this facility includes Anaergia’s exclusive OREX™ system that extracts organic waste from MSW, and also recyclable sorting equipment, that results in state-of-the-art operations.  This facility also features unique bio drying technologies, as well as proven best in class technologies from UTS Products GmbH, another part of the Anaergia group of companies.

Subsidiary companies of the consortium partners will operate and maintain this facility for a period of 10 years.

“This innovative facility will serve as a model for others looking for comprehensive waste management solutions that make economic sense and also positively impact the environment.” said Andrew Benedek, CEO of Anaergia Inc.


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