New Jersey’s Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority Selects Anaergia’s Technologies for Upgrading its Biosolids Processing at its Wastewater Facility


New Jersey’s Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority Selects Anaergia’s Technologies for Upgrading its Biosolids Processing at its Wastewater Facility

Burlington, Ontario, March 31, 2016 – Anaergia Inc. announced today that it entered into an agreement with New Jersey’s Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (“CCMUA”) to design and supply equipment for new Anaerobic Digesters and to design, build and operate a 3.8 megawatt (“MW”) cogeneration system at its Delaware No. 1 Water Pollution Control Facility (“Facility”).  The Facility treats the wastewater from 37 municipalities in the County, including the City of Camden. The new equipment will also enable the Facility to take in and process post-consumer fats, oils and grease (“FOG”) and similar wastes.  This project will help CCMUA transform the Facility into a resource recovery and renewable energy generation center.

The proprietary and proven equipment Anaergia is providing for the Facility’s Anaerobic Digesters includes its Omnivore™ high solids anaerobic digestion technology incorporating high efficiency mechanical mixers and thickeners.

In addition to designing and supplying the equipment for the Anaerobic Digestion facility, Anaergia is also designing and building a biogas conditioning system and a 3.8MW combined heat and power (“CHP”) system.  Under the terms of the agreement, the heat and electricity generated by the CHP system will be utilized within the Facility, and Anaergia will operate and maintain the biogas conditioning and CHP systems for a period of 20 years.

Mr. Andrew Kricun, Executive Director and Chief Engineer of CCMUA said: “Residents of Camden County will benefit from Anaergia’s system as it will both reduce our biosolids treatment and disposal cost, and provide the Delaware No. 1 Facility with renewable energy to significantly reduce the amount of electricity obtained from the grid.  In fact, by reducing our reliance on the grid, we are improving our resiliency with respect to climate change”.

Dr. Andrew Benedek, CEO of Anaergia noted: “We look forward to working with the excellent staff at CCMUA to create a viable long term and sustainable solution for CCMUA’s energy and sludge disposal needs. This facility will benefit from some of Anaergia’s world leading biosolids technologies”.

About the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority

The CCMUA serves Camden County, which is 226 square miles in area, with a population of about 500,000. There are thirty-seven municipalities in Camden County.  CCMUA’s goal is to become a clean water ‎”Utility of the Future” which optimizes environmental performance, economic efficiency and community service. The CCMUA constructed a regional collection system and modern treatment facilities in cooperation with the United States Environmental Protection Agency to bring Camden County into compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act.  By providing proper wastewater treatment, and returning a cleaned effluent back to the Delaware River, the County’s streams and rivers are once again being environmentally restored to be enjoyed by the fish, other wildlife and our residents and visitors.

About Anaergia Inc.

Anaergia Inc. is the global technology leader in recovering value from waste for the municipal, industrial, and agriculture sectors. Through its proven portfolio of proprietary technologies, Anaergia’s integrated solutions create value for its customers in the forms of clean water, renewable energy, and quality fertilizers while dramatically reducing the cost of waste management. Anaergia’s global headquarters are located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. It operates out of fourteen regional offices as well as three manufacturing plants. Anaergia’s technologies are in use at over a thousand resource recovery facilities worldwide, reducing greenhouse gas emissions while creating new revenue sources for its clients.

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