Anaergia Receives Connecticut Environmental Permits to Build an Anaerobic Digestion Facility in Bridgeport

Anaergia Receives Connecticut Environmental Permits to Build an Anaerobic Digestion Facility in Bridgeport

Burlington, Ontario – September 8th, 2015 – Anaergia Inc. announced today that its subsidiary, Bridgeport Bioenergy Facility LLC (“BBF”), received necessary permits from the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (“CTDEEP”) to construct an anaerobic digestion and cogeneration facility in Bridgeport, CT.  The BBF facility will be located adjacent to City of Bridgeport’s West Side Wastewater Treatment Facility (“West Side WWTF”) in the City’s Eco Industrial Park.

Under the terms of its previously announced agreement with the City of Bridgeport Water Pollution Control Authority, BBF will design, build, and own the facility, and it will operate it for 20 years.

The BBF facility will consist of dedicated anaerobic digestion systems for food scraps and for wastewater biosolids.  Expected to begin full operations in early 2017, it will accept wastewater biosolids from both of Bridgeport’s wastewater treatment facilities. This facility will also accept and process other organic materials including  fats, oils and grease, and source separated organic material (“SSOM”).  It will use these materials to generate Class 1 renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions, while significantly reducing the net volume of organic materials being hauled to incinerators or landfills.

With up to 1.6MW of electricity to be produced at the BBF facility, it will meet its own energy needs and supply the adjacent West Side WWTF with up to 60% of its electricity needs. Waste heat from the cogeneration system will be recovered and used by the BBF Facility and excess heat will be sent to the West Side WWTF for beneficial use.

The BBF facility is the first anaerobic digestion facility in Connecticut to be permitted to process SSOM and generate renewable energy. This will make it an important regional facility in western Connecticut for the conversion of various organic materials into green energy and for the reduction of GHG emissions. will shrink Connecticut’s carbon footprint, and it will support both Connecticut’s organic diversion law PA 11-217, and the City of Bridgeport’s BGreen 2020 Sustainability Plan.

The BBF facility will use proprietary technologies from the Anaergia group of companies.  This includes specialized technology for sludge pre- and post conditioning, as well as Anaergia’s high solids anaerobic digester systems.  It will also include the OREX™ press technology for separation of non-digestable materials from SSOM and an organic polishing system to generate a clean soil amendment by-product after digestion of SSOM, both from Anaergia’s subsidiary, db technologies.

“In Bridgeport, we’re making smart investments in the future, including those that are environmentally-friendly and fiscally sound. Investing in this new anaerobic digestion and cogeneration facility is a great example. It will help beat back climate change by the reduction of trucking and burning of waste sludge and instead allowing for its methane capture, followed by using it as an energy source. And, it will result in lower energy costs due to the production of on-site power. It’s a win-win for Bridgeport and it’s future,” said Bridgeport Mayor, Mr. Bill Finch.
“We are excited that Anaergia will have the very first anaerobic digestion and cogeneration facility in the State of Connecticut that will handle such a wide range of organic materials.  With this new facility, more organic waste will be diverted from incinerators and from landfills, for a productive and environmentally responsible function.” said Mr. Deo Phagoo, Vice President of Anaergia Inc.
“Anaergia’s technologically advanced systems are proven to have significant value for wastewater treatment plant operators and also for recyclers of organic wastes.  We are proud to be partnering with the City of Bridgeport and working with the State of Connecticut to deliver these effective solutions in a way that makes economic sense and also has significant benefits for the environment.” said Dr. Andrew Benedek, CEO of Anaergia Inc.

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