Anaergia’s Omnivore™ System Triples Digestion Capacity of Wastewater Treatment Plant at Terni, Italy

Burlington, Ontario, May 29, 2018 – Anaergia Inc. is pleased to announce that the anaerobic digestion system at the “Terni 1” wastewater treatment plant was successfully upgraded with its proprietary Omnivore™ system.  The upgrade was commissioned by ACEA – Technologies for Water Services S.p.A. for the plant belonging to Servizio Idrico Integrato.

Anaergia’s Omnivore™ system is a next generation solution that costs less to build and costs less to operate, while being much more rugged and flexible to operate than conventional wastewater digester systems. Retrofitting an existing digester with the Omnivore™ system tripled the existing digester’s capacity and widened the range of organic waste streams that the digester can convert into biogas.  Additional information on this system is available at:

“Servizio Idrico Integrato is very pleased that as a result of this upgrade, the anaerobic digestion system at our Terni 1 plant is operating more efficiently and it also has the capacity to treat much higher volumes” said Giuliano Marziali, Engineer at Servizio Idrico Integrato’s Terni facility.

“ACEA is pleased to satisfy the needs of an important municipal client by deploying the best available system, utilizing Anaergia’s innovative design, to optimize operations at Servizio Idrico Integrato’s facility” said Riccardo Gasparini, Project Manager at ACEA – Technologies for Water Services S.p.A.

“We are very proud that as a result of this upgrade, the Terni 1 wastewater treatment plant’s anaerobic digestion process is generating a reduced volume of disposal cake, and is also producing biogas that can be used as renewable energy. ” said Andrew Benedek, CEO of Anaergia Inc.

About Servizio Idrico Integrato

Servizio Idrico Integrato (S.I.I.) is the public water services utility for the Province of Terni, Italy.  It was established to manage the integrated water and wastewater facilities for the benefit of Province of Terni’s residents. For more information on S.I.I. please visit:

About ACEA – Technologies for Water Services S.p.A.

ACEA – Technologies for Water Services S.p.A., is part of ACEA Group, a publicly traded company that manages and develops water and electricity networks and environmental services in Italy.  It designs, builds and manages plants for the purification and purification of water in civil and industrial segments. For more information on ACEA – Technologies for Water Services S.p.A. please visit:

About Anaergia Inc.

Anaergia Inc. is the global technology leader in recovering value from waste for the municipal, industrial, and agriculture sectors. Through its proven portfolio of proprietary technologies, Anaergia’s integrated solutions create value for its customers in the forms of renewable energy, quality fertilizers and clean water, while dramatically reducing the cost of waste management. Anaergia’s global headquarters are located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. It operates out of fourteen regional offices as well as three manufacturing plants. Anaergia’s technologies are in use at over a thousand resource recovery facilities worldwide, reducing greenhouse gas emissions while creating new revenue sources for its clients.

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