Picture of Dr. Diana Mourato Benedek

Dr. Diana Mourato Benedek


Dr. Mourato Benedek has been a director of Anaergia since the company was founded in 2007. Dr. Mourato Benedek has a PhD and a Master’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering from McGill University in Montreal, Québec. She is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of immersed membranes and membrane bioreactors in the field of municipal wastewater and drinking water treatment. Dr. Mourato Benedek was formerly a Senior Vice President at ZENON, responsible for North and South American and international operations. She has extensive experience in environmental sciences as head of the ZENON municipal business, which she founded and grew in five years to be the largest commercial division of ZENON while maintaining profitability year after year. She is also a former Vice President, Site Remediation at SNC Lavalin. Dr. Mourato Benedek is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Fibracast and is directly responsible for research and development and the continuous improvement of technology within the company. She was formerly the Chief Operating Officer of Anaergia and is currently a Managing Director of many of its international subsidiaries.


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