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Anaergia Inc. is a global leader in offering sustainable solutions for the generation of renewable energy and the conversion of waste to resources. Through a proven portfolio of proprietary technological solutions, Anaergia maximizes the generation of renewable energy, diversion of waste from landfill and reduction of greenhouse gases for customers across the municipal, industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors. Through its subsidiaries, including Anaergia Services and UTS Biogastechnick GmbH, Anaergia is trusted at more than 1,600 operational renewable energy projects globally.


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UTS Residual Processing LLC and Anaergia Services have merged offices
Date Posted: 2014-10-16

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Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago selects Anaergia for negotiations for design of a new Organic Waste Processing Facility and for long-term supply of organic waste material to the Calumet Water Reclamation Plant
Date Posted: 2014-09-30

By introducing external organic material for digestion, CWRP will more than double its renewable biogas production.

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Pima County, Arizona, Signs Contract with Anaergia to Use the Biogas from its Wastewater Treatment Plant as a Renewable Fuel Source
Date Posted: 2014-09-30

Pima County’s primary project goal is to utilize its biogas in an environmentally sustainable manner that generates revenue and can offset wastewater treatment costs.

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